Transaction Event Object

Object Properties

idstringUnique identifier for the transaction.
objectstringValue:  "transaction"
customerstringArray containing customer information associated with the transaction
accountstringArray containing payment account information associated with the transaction.

Value: "ach"


Possible values: 

  • debit
  • credit


  • PPD
  • WEB
  • TEL
  • ARC
  • RCK
  • POP
  • ICL
  • CCD
surchargestringAny surcharge that was included with the transaction amount
amountstringTotal amount of the transaction
tranDateYYYY-MM-DDProcess date of the transaction
notesstringInternal notes associated with the transaction
memostringMemo text visible on customer receipt
referenceIdstringReference ID provided by the merchant
statusstringStatus code.  For errors see Status Code Error Definitions
statusDescriptionstringExpanded verbiage detailing the transactions status
dateCreatedintUnix timestamp of when the transaction was initially created
loginIdstringLogin ID of the user that created the transaction

Status Code Error Definitions

E00An error has occurred while trying to process this transaction.
E01Number of transactions exceeds daily velocity limit
E02Total transaction volume exceeds daily velocity limit
E03Amount exceeds single transaction velocity limit
E04The account information provided is invalid.
E05This transaction is a duplicate of a previously run transaction.
E06Transaction volume exceeds period velocity limit.
E08Credit pending hold
E09Sent to Bank
E10Failed Routing CRC
E11Invalid Fed ACH
E12Invalid Account Number
E13Invalid SEC Code
E14Invalid Tran Code
E15Invalid Account Type
E16Invalid Date
E17Missing First or Last Name
E18Missing Address Information
E19Invalid Dollar Amount
E20Fail Missing check number for BOC
E21Fail Duplicate BOC
E22Invalid Client / Store ID
E23Duplicate Transaction ID
E24Invalid Web Type
E25Fail Unable to find original debit
E26Invalid Last name
E27Invalid dollar amount
E28Unauthorized SEC type
E29Invalid Original SEC Code for RCK
E30Failed PPD conversion
E31Client is Disabled
E32Fail Invalid Store ID
E33Fail Exceeds Max Check Amount
E34Failed Final Validation
E35Location uploads disabled
E36ICL Credits not allowed
E37Missing Micr for ICL
E38Missing Image field for ICL
E39Missing Image for ICL
E40Corresponding debit returned
E41Cybr Weekly Payout Account
E42Fail Exceeds Max Check Amount
E43Exceeds Max Daily Amount
E44Credits not authorized.
E45Transaction previously returned unauthorized
E46Duplicate ICL Image
E47Failed white list check

Transaction Event Object
    "id": 20317473,
    "object": "transaction",
        "id": 6085434,
        "custRef": "18261",
        "name": "test account"
        "id": 6995546,
        "type": "bank",
        "accountNumber": "xx-5859",
        "referenceId": "tok_f0d9e0c1bfe041f298ee83eb0430092b"
    "tranType": "ach",
    "recordType": "debit",
    "authType": "WEB",
    "surcharge": "0.00"
    ,"amount": "33.11",
    "checkNumber": "",
    "checkDate": "",
    "tranDate": "2019-06-27",
    "notes": "",
    "memo": "",
    "poNumber": "",
    "referenceId": "23214760",
	"status": "E43",
    "statusDescription": "Exceeds Max Daily Amount",
    "dateCreated": "1561626270",
    "loginId": "gateway"