CardUpdate Event Object

Object Properties

idstringUnique identifier for the card update object.
objectstringValue:  "cardUpdate"
batchstringBatch identifier for the request to the card network
accountIdstringPayment account ID assigned with the update
customerobjectData object of customer associated with the account
originalAccountstringOriginal masked card number.  First six, last four shown
originalExpirationstringOriginal card expiration date
updatedAccountstringUpdated masked card number.  First six, last four shown.  Blank if card number has not been updated.
updatedExpirationstringUpdated card expiration.  Blank if card expiration has not been updated.
responseCodestringResponse code from card network.  See Response Code table for possible values and their description.

Card network issuing the response.  Possible Values:

  • "V" - Visa
  • "M" - Mastercard: 
  • "D" - Discover
createdAtYYYY-MM-DDDate the update request was generated.
updatedAtYYYY-MM-DDDate of response

Response Codes

MasterCard Response Codes

UPDATEMatch made, update data provided
CONTACMatch made, closed account
EXPIRYMatch made, expiration date changed

Visa Response Codes

AMatch made, new account number
CMatch made, closed account
EMatch made, expiration date changed
QMatch made, contact cardholder

Discover Response Codes

AAccount Number Change: Issuer has replaced Cardholder Acct.
CClosed Account: Issuer closed Cardholder Acct.
EExpiration Date Update: Issuer updated Expiration Date.
QContact Cardholder Advice: Cardholder has withheld Updates.

Card Update Event Object
	"id": 49011251254,
	"object": "cardUpdate",
    "batch": "20190408",
    "accountId": 2965326,
    "customer": {
        "id": 254854865,
        "object": "customer",
        "custRef": "ACT-1234",
        "name": "Account, Test"
    "originalAccount": "405501XXXX1111",
    "originalExpiration": "0819",
    "updatedAccount": "",
    "updatedExpiration": "0823",
    "responseCode": "E",
    "responseSource": "V",
    "createdAt": "2019-04-08",
    "updatedAt": "2019-04-08"