Sandbox Processing - ACH

The ACH sandbox processor allows you to simulate running live ACH transactions. These transactions when processed will generate settlement data as if coming from an actual ACH processor.  There are a number of amount triggers that can be used to cause a transaction to return with a specific return code. This allows full integration testing when needed to handle different return types.

The table below lists the amounts and the return code that they will generate. Any amount not listed will generate a settled transactions.

AmountReturn CodeReturn Definition
6.01R01Insufficient funds
6.02R02Invalid or Account closed
6.03R03Unknown account
6.04R04Unknown or Account Closed
6.05R05Reserved – Never received
6.06R06Return requested by ODFI
6.07R07Authorization revoked
6.08R08Stop payment
6.09R09Uncollected funds
6.10R10Not authorized
6.11R11Check truncation entry return (If ARC or RCK)
6.12R12Branch sold to another DFI
6.13R13ACH Oper. – RDFI not qualified to participate
6.14R14Payee deceased
6.15R15Beneficiary deceased
6.16R16Account frozen
6.18R18ACH Oper. – Improper effective entry date
6.19R19ACH Oper. – Amount field error
6.20R20Non transaction account (If general ledger)
6.21R21Invalid company identification
6.22R22Invalid individual ID number
6.23R23Credit entry refused by receiver
6.24R24Duplicate entry
6.25R25ACH Oper. – Addenda error
6.26R26ACH Oper. – Mandatory field error
6.27R27ACH Oper. – Trace number error
6.28R28ACH Oper. – Routing # check digit error
6.29R29Corp. cust. adviser not auth.
6.30R30ACH Oper. – RDFI non-part truncation prob
6.31R31Permissible return entry
6.32R32ACH Oper. – RDFI non-settlement
6.33R33Return of XCK entry
6.34R34ACH Oper. - Limited participation DFI
6.35R35ACH Oper. – Return of improper debit entry
6.36R36ACH Oper. – Return of improper credit entry
6.37R37Source document presented for payment
6.40R40Return of ENR entry by Fed. Gov. Agency
6.41R41Invalid transaction code
6.42R42Routing #/check digit error
6.43R43Inv. DFI acct. number
6.44R44Inv. Individual ID number
6.45R45Inv. Individual name/company name
6.46R46Inv. Rep. Payee indicator
6.47R47Duplicate enrollment
6.50R50State Law affecting RCK acceptance
6.51R51Item is ineligible (RCK)
6.52R52Stop payment on item (RCK)
6.53R53Item and ACH Entry Presented for Payment
6.61R61ODFI Use – Misrouted Return
6.62R62ODFI Use – Incorrect Trace Number
6.63R63ODFI Use – Incorrect Dollar Amount
6.64R64ODFI Use – Incorrect Individual Identification
6.65R65ODFI Use – Incorrect Transaction Code
6.66R66ODFI Use – Incorrect Company Identification
6.67R67ODFI Use – Duplicate Return
6.68R68ODFI Use – Untimely Return
6.69R69ODFI Use – Multiple Errors
6.70R70ODFI Use – Permission Return Entry Not Accepted
6.71R71Contested – Misrouted Dishonored Return
6.72R72Contested – Untimely Dishonored Return