Sandbox Processing - Credit Card

The sandbox module was designed for black_box testing to simulate communication with a 'Live' Processor. Specific transaction parameters will cause defined (below) responses to be returned. You can use Test Credit Card Information while testing via the sandbox module.


Test Parameters:

Valid AVS:
  • Street: 5800 NW 39th AVE
  • Zip : 32606

AVS which will cause a transaction denial:

  • Street: 2831 NW 41st St STE J
  • Zip : 32615

Any other AVS will decline the AVS but not decline the transaction. Not sending AVS will decline the AVS but not decline the transaction.

Valid CV:
  • Visa/MC/DISC: 999
  • Amex : 1234

CV which will NOT cause a denial:

  • Visa/MC/DISC: 123
  • Amex : 9999

Any other CV will cause a denial.
Not sending CV will decline the CV but not decline the transactions.

Transaction Status (tran_status) Responses:


Amount Triggers:

$5.20DeclinePICKUP CARD
$5.40DeclineSETUP ERROR

Phard Code

Note: A phard_code of 'SUCCESS' may be received for an approved transaction or a declined transaction. The 'SUCCESS' code simply means that the request was successful and no specific flag was provided by the processor. A declined transaction with a phard_code of 'SUCCESS' can be treated the same as a 'GENERICFAIL'


New amount checks (msoft_code):


Private Label Gift or Visa/MC/Disc/Amex backed Gift cards:

$6.75Partial Auth returns $6.50 authamount (requires NSF for branded cards)
$6.76Partial Auth returns $4.00 authamount (requires NSF for branded cards)
$6.80Returns $12.00 balance

Transaction triggers:

Balance Inquirywill return $13.00 balance

Other checks:

$6.99Will authorize, but will fail on Reversal

Visa Cardlevel Results:

$7.04RESERVED (E^)
$7.05RESERVED (F^)
$7.09RESERVED (J^)
$7.11RESERVED (L^)
$7.13RESERVED (N^)
$7.14RESERVED (O^)
$7.15RESERVED (P^)
$7.21RESERVED (V^)
$7.22RESERVED (W^)
$7.23RESERVED (X^)
$7.24RESERVED (Y^)
$7.25RESERVED (Z^)
$7.26RESERVED (0^)
$7.27RESERVED (1^)
$7.28RESERVED (2^)
$7.29RESERVED (3^)
$7.30RESERVED (4^)
$7.31RESERVED (5^)
$7.32RESERVED (6^)
$7.33RESERVED (7^)
$7.34RESERVED (8^)
$7.35RESERVED (9^)
$7.47RESERVED (V1)

Delay trigger:

$8.xxWill cause a delay in seconds where the number of seconds is the cents value
$8.00Will cause a 0 second delay
$8.01Will cause a 1 second delay
$8.12Will cause a 12 second delay
$8.99Will cause a 99 second delay

Auth Declines:

  • Partial reversals with any card other than VISA
  • Health transaction without NSF flag set
  • Health amount specified without health flag set
  • Trackdata sent with a recurring transaction
  • CAVV sent with a recurring transaction
  • CAVV format invalid
  • Pin data format invalid
  • Trackdata format invalid
  • Health amounts where the itemized amounts are greater than the total or health total amounts
  • CAVV sent when configured industry is not ECOMM
  • Trackdata sent with card not present transaction type or industry
  • Zip code is required for industry type
  • Incremental sent when configured industry is not lodging
  • Zip code is required for keyed transactions
  • $8.xx dollar amounts will now decline on 'odd' values after the decimal place.

Settlement Failures:

  • bdate is missing when edate is set
  • ordernum (falls back to ptrannum) missing for card not present transaction
  • Lodging
    • custref missing
    • rate missing
    • bdate missing
    • edate missing
    • edate in future
    • edate more than 60 days old
    • bdate and edate cannot be more than 99 days apart
    • bdate after edate
  • Restaurant
    • ordernum missing (falls back to ptrannum)
    • ordernum must be numeric
  • Level 2
    • shipzip missing (falls back to zip then zipcode merch param)
    • custref missing (falls back to ordernum then ptrannum)