Managing API Access Keys

Generating a new Access Key

To generate a new API access key pair simply log into the OmniFund portal and navigate to Profile >> API Access.   Then click on the "New Access Key" button.  A new Access Key and Access Key Secret will be generated and displayed. 

NOTE:  While the Access Key can be view from the API Access section at any time, the Access Key Secret will only be view-able when it is created and is non-recoverable.  Please ensure that you securely store your Access Key Secret to protect against theft or loss.   If you happen to lose or forget the client secret, a new Access Key will need to be created.

To make managing and identifying multiple integration points easier, Access Keys can be assigned a descriptive name.  To update the name of an Access Key simply choose the edit action and fill in the desired value. 

Inactive Access Keys

If at anytime you wish to revoke the usage of a particular Access Key you can simply click on the "De-activate" link located in the Actions menu.  This will immediately begin revoking any API access attempts associated with the given Access Key.  You may also, reactivate the Access Key at anytime by clicking the "Activate" link