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Similar to the MD5 hashing feature returned by the gateway response, the x_fp_hash is build by creating a MD5 hash with the following fields:
  • login ID
  • merchant defined gateway hash sequence
  • timestamp (unix UTC)
  • transaction amount
  • custom hash key defined withing the merchant settings of the OmniFund application.

Code Block
titleGenerating x_fp_hash with PHP
hash_hmac('md5', $merchantId.'^'.$fpSequence.'^'.$timestamp.'^'.$amount.'^USD', $hashKey);

x_fp_timestampThis is the timestamp (unix UTC)  of the request. This .  Must be in UTC timezone.   This will be the same timestamp value that was included in the x_fp_hash.
x_fp_sequenceCustom sequence value designated by the merchant.  Also used in the creation and validation of the x_fp_hash.



(optional) Custom expiration time defined by the merchant, in minutes.  If x_fp_expiry is given, the value must also be included in the string portion of the x_fp_hash generation.

Code Block
titleGenerating x_fp_hash with expiry
hash_hmac('md5', $merchantId.'^'.$fpSequence.'^'.$timestamp.'^'.$amount.'^USD^'.$fpExpiry, $hashKey);

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