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Field NameRequired (R); Optional (O); Conditional (C); Read Only (RO)Data Type & LengthDescription & Field Values
tran_idCIntUnique number that is assigned by GTB for every transaction entered into the system. If trans_id exists in GTB then that record is updated; otherwise, a new record is created. If a tran_id is provided that doesn't exist then you get an error message.
customer_idRIntGTB generated customer ID, returned in CustomerInfo
account_idRIntGTB generated account ID for the payment account, returned in AccountInfo
tran_typeRIntDetermines type of transaction, i.e. ACH or credit card
  • 1 – ACH
  • 2* – RCK
  • 3* – LockBox (ARC Accounts Receivable Collections: ACH entry code)
  • 4 – Credit Card
  • 5* – POP
  • 6 – Cash

(*) ARC must be MICR read and image of check stored. All of these transaction types have special ACH rules and should not be coded to without help from GTB.

record_typeRIntDescription: Determines whether transaction activity
  • 1 – Debit (ACH only)
  • 2 – Credit (ACH only)
  • 3 – Sale (CC only-Auth and capture in one transaction)
  • 4 – Auth (CC only)
  • 5 – OFFLINE (Force transaction only applied to Credit Card Transactions)
  • 6 – Void (CC only)
  • 7 – CREDIT (Refund-CC only)
  • 8 - AVSOnly (CC only)
  • 13 - Pre-Auth Capture (CC only)
auth_typeCIntIndicates method of ACH transaction authorization. These are ONLY used on ACH transactions. Before implementing any ACH transactions please consult GTB for compliance and NACHA regulations. Auth_type is normally 1, 2 or 3 under most circumstances.


  • 1 – WRITTEN (PPD)
  • 2 – WEB
  • 3 – TEL
  • 4* – ARC

(*) Consult with GTB for extra compliance issues and NACHA regulations.

occurrenceOStringIndicates presence of any recurring transaction activity. Applicable to both CC and ACH transactions.
  • 1 – Single
  • 2 – Weekly
  • 3 – Bi-Weekly
  • 4 – Monthly
  • 5 – Bi-Monthly
  • 6 – Quarterly
  • 7 – Semi-Annual
  • 8 – Annual
occurrence_numberCIntDetermines the number of times that a particular transaction is to be recurred. Any integer value represents the number of occurrences left for this particular transaction. If not provided and occurrence type is not single, transaction will repeat indefinitely.
amountRFloatThe amount of the transaction.
check_numberCString (50)
tran_dateCString (50)The date the transaction is scheduled to process. Format is YYYYMMDD
po_numberCString (50)Required if is_corporate is TRUE
sales_tax_typeCIntRequired if sales_tax is provided
order_idOString (50)Unique transaction ID field specified by the merchant. Also used in determining duplicate submissions.
ticket_idCString (50)Only Credit card transactions receive Ticket ID. This Ticket ID is required when submitting a VOID transaction.
  • 0 - merchant initiated (Default)
  • 1 - customer initiated
processOBooleanSet to true to process a CC transaction for the current date, and approvals are not needed.
accountROStringMasked account number associated with a transaction
account_typeROStringType of account for the transaction
account_expirationROStringExpiration date of a credit card account
tran_codeROStringNot in a Post, only in a Get as it is the descriptive reason message on credit card transactions. Things like Decline reasons of invalid exp date, etc. They can exist even on Approvals.
tran_statusROStringStatus of a Transaction
invoice_idROStringGTB created. If someone pays an invoice that is generated out of GTB, the invoice number is entered into this field to tie the transaction to the invoice number.
approvals_neededROIntIs the number of people that need to approve the transaction before it can process.
auth_codeROStringAuthorization code for a credit card transaction
avs_codeROStringCredit card transaction response foraddress verification.
cvv2_codeROStringCredit card transaction response for the CVV security code supplied.
reference_idROStringThe Reference ID is an internally generated number. It will be the order_id if supplied by the merchant. This field is displayed in the reports so that merchant supplied order_id’s would be visible to them.
payment_categoryROStringThese are added to the transaction only from Click-n-pay when the consumer chooses one of the categories specified by the merchant when they schedule the payment.
track1OStringTrack1 data obtained from scanned credit cards. This data is only accepted when creating a transaction and is not returned as part of the TransInfo object
track2OStringTrack2 data obtained from scanned credit cards. This data is only accepted when creating a transaction and is not returned as part of the TransInfo object
check_image_frontOBase64BinaryFor imaged ACH transactions, this is the front image of the check
check_image_backOBase64BinaryFor imaged ACH transactions, this is the back image of the check
custom_fieldsOArrayArray containing CustomField data that should be attached to the transaction.
verify_achOBooleanSet to true to enable.. otherwise, default is off. There are two levels of ACH verification but that is set on the Account Level at gotoBilling. If an ACH transaction receives an Authorization the status sent back will be R, if it is Declined, the status will be D.

The lock status will indicate any type of user or system lock that is current in affect for the transaction:

  • 1 - Transaction is currently being processed
  • 2 - Transaction has been manually held by the merchant