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client_idRequiredGenerated Client ID
access_tokenRequiredUser access token

Merchant ID and PIN **DEPRECATED**

For more information on obtaining your PIN, see: Generating a Merchant Gateway Pin

merchant_idRequiredMerchant ID assigned by gotoBilling
merchant_pinRequiredMerchant Pin associated with the Merchant ID. Assigned by gotoBilling

Optional Fields

FieldRequiredMax LengthDescription
x_relay_urlOptionalan. ..Contains the URL to which the gateway will post the response. Include http:// or https://. When set the gateway response will automatically be sent via HTTP POST to this location.
x_relay_typeOptionala. 7Indicates the type of action of the response. When ACTIVE is set the browser will automatically be sent to the location specified with x_relay_url. When PASSIVE is set the browser will not be redirected, but the response will be sent to the location specified with x_relay_url via HTTP POST. This is set to default to PASSIVE


Optionaln. 1When set to 1 (numerical one) transactions will be sent in test mode. A response will be given for the transaction, but no processing will occur. Default: 0 (zero).
x_versionOptionalns 3DEFAULT: 1.1  (When this value is set to 1.2, the transaction Gateway Response will be returned in JSON format, rather than XML format)